Johnathan Pratt 

The man behind bars for a drunk-driving crash near Beaumont which killed three young men is looking for an early release. 

In 2014, Johnathan Pratt was convicted of manslaughter and impaired driving for the crash which killed Bradley Arsenault, 18, Kole Novak, 18 and Thaddeus Lake, 22, on Nov. 26, 2011.

Pratt became eligible for day parole in October 2016. He has since been granted escorted day passes. In April he will have a hearing to look at full parole. 

Sheri Arsenault, whose son was killed that day, has been a strong voice in support of harsher penalties for impaired drivers. She admits the possibility of Pratt getting out of prison in April is hard to fathom. 

"For the seriousness of this crime and the loss of life, three young men, it's heartbreaking," says Arsenault. "This does nothing to deter others, the general public and it does nothing to reflect the seriousness of this crime." 

Arsenault is vowing to do whatever she can to stop Pratt from getting Parole. She told One News she feels he doesn't have full understanding of what he did and hasn't shown any remorse. 

"When you don't even admit that you committed the crime and take any kind of responsibility or accountability, how can you be rehabilitated all of a sudden because your parole is legislated," questions Arsenault. "It's a mandatory legislated parole and none of it makes sense to us."

While awaiting the April hearing, Arsenault has been invited to Ottawa to speak on Bill C-226 next month. The Impaired Driving Act brought forward by Conservative MP Steven Blaney aims to create stiffer penalties for impaired drivers. The bill proposes a mandatory minimum sentence of five years for impaired driving causing death. 

Source: 93.1 The One Leduc


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