Arthur Lee, Community Liaison with SADD (left) and Carmen Longworth, (right) with Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission present the winning design for SADD Liquor Bag Design contest.

A Lethbridge high school student’s message on the dangers of impaired driving will be shared province wide, as part of the second annual Students Against Drinking and Driving Alberta Liquor Bag Design contest.

Kimberly Crowe, 16, is the overall winner and her artwork will be displayed on one million brown paper liquor bags across Alberta.

“It’s about living in the moment and not thinking about what could come later,” Crowe said. “You should really think about the consequences of your actions.”

The Lethbridge Collegiate Institute student hasn’t started driving yet, but she knows all too well the consequences of drinking and driving.

“My dad and brother were hit by a drunk driver,” Crowe said. “They were okay, they were wearing their seat belts, but the car was pretty damaged.”

Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission partnered in the campaign and says it’s important to get the message out early.

“The earlier we get to educate students, that message becomes ingrained in them and they take that message out to their friends or family and community,” said Carmen Longworth, the social responsibility coordinator.

Nine entries were selected in total, spanning from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

“What’s always surprised me is the time that teachers take in this project to have that discussion with the students,” said Arthur Lee, community liaison with SADD Alberta. “It’s not just: ‘Here is something to colour on.’ It’s: ‘Here, this is why we’re doing this, these are the consequences and these are the reasons that we’re going to be doing this.'”

Brittany Big Swallow from Kainai High School is another winner and while her artwork won’t be featured on any bags, she hopes her friends take her message to heart.

“I drew a skeleton, a decomposed body, but he had a beer in his hand and he had the keys in his fingers,” Big Swallow said.

“I’m glad this campaign is happening so people are aware that it’s not okay to drink and drive.”

Crowe beat out 300 other submissions province-wide and her design will be distributed in liquor stores starting this May long weekend.

Source: Global News


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