The BKT Memorial Fund donated $40,000 in the names of Bradley Arsenault, Kole Novak, and Thaddeus Lake in front of the skate park — where the three youth spent much of their time — on March 21. The donation will be used towards updating and adding new pieces to the well-used skate park, with the project expecting to take up to two years. 

“Five and a half years ago on November 26, lives were changed forever. That day is of course the day that Bradley Arsenault, Kole Novak, and Thaddeus Lake were killed by a drunk driver,” said Mayor Camille Bérubé at the presentation. “Today, we are here to accept a donation from the families on behalf of Brad, Kole, and Thad. This donation represents the highlight of a low time. We must thank the families for having the vision to see beyond their pain for the greater good of our community.” 

The mayor gave tribute to the youth, noting that they had spent much of their time at that park, and spoke about the difficulty of losing a child. 

Kole Novak’s father Zane, and sister Karmia presented the cheque to council in front of a small crowd of people and families affected by the tragedy. 

“I think in this town, five and a half years later, you use the term boys, and it still means those boys, and I think it will mean those boys for a long time,” Zane Novak said. “This will help that to live on, and we really hope that when people look at it and view it, maybe somewhere in their subconscious, they’ll think we shouldn’t drink and drive, we should be responsible members of our community, and we should be things in people that make our society stronger and better.” 

Zane believes the park will help to keep the memory of Brad, Kole, and Thad alive for many years to come, and to have their contributions to the community recognized. 

“We hope that this can go a little bit of the ways to keeping that memory alive for many, many, many years to come,” Zane said. 

“On behalf of Karmia and I, we never wanted to be here, we never expected this, but you engage with what happens and try to make the best of a bad situation.” 

Source: The Beaumont News

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