A Gentleman’s Pact is a three-man, all-acoustic band from Beaumont featuring Jacob Kachowski, left, lead guitarist Jerry Chamberlain, centre, and founder and singer Kaleb Kaiser, right. They are looking to expand their audience and will be playing at Twin Dragon Restaurant & Bar on Friday, Oct. 24.

Friendship, a fusion of punk and folk and the birth of tragedy are the building blocks that led to the formation of A Gentleman’s Pact. 

The three-person, all-acoustic Beaumont band has recently started playing live shows every Friday at the Twin Dragon Restaurant & Bar and are looking to ramp up their operation.

Vocalist and band founder Kaleb Kaiser explains that he got together with his childhood friend, Jacob Kachowski, and a co-worker, Jerry Chamberlain, after a former band he was with called Comic Option fell apart. 

Kaiser and Kachowski both had challenging childhoods and used that shared experience as the foundation of their band.

“We kind of both created this little family, this brotherhood among all of us and A Gentleman’s Pact is exactly that —  no matter what you’re going through, they’ll always be there for you,” Kaiser said. 

In the past, Kaiser characterized his musical output as writing “cheesy love songs and things I didn’t really know about.”

But after the death of his childhood friends Bradley Arsenault and Kyle Novak in 2011 in a vehicle collision caused by impaired driving, Kaiser found he was able to channel his emotions to affect others in a profound way.

“Ever since that incident I really became a strong writer,” Kaiser said. “I could really strike these emotions in people and kind of make them feel what I feel some days. And that’s kind of what I go for.” 

The band has no drummer, and plans are in the works for each guitarist play a supplementary percussion instrument, such as a kick drum or tambourine. 

“We’re going to experiment to see how well they work,” Kaiser said. 

Chamberlain, the lead guitarist, comes from an eclectic background – he used to play for metal bands but is slated to play the banjo in A Gentleman’s Pact. 

That will meld well with the band’s folksy sound, which Kaiser describes as resembling Mumford & Sons.

But the band’s lyrics have a decidedly harder edge, more influenced by the punk bands Kaiser listened to such as NOFX. The songs touch upon themes such as depression and loss, and some songs are peppered with profanities which reflect the strong emotions expressed.

“I was raised my whole life listening to punk music,” Kaiser explained. “And then five years ago, I really got into Bob Dylan, it just like took over my life.”

He said the “raw” aspect of their music helps it appeal to young people who like the brashness of the lyrics, but the music’s traditional sound also helps it appeal to older folk.

“We find a lot of the time our music resonates more with older people than kids our age,” Kaiser, who is 21, said. 

That was certainly the case at the band’s Oct. 17 performance at the Twin Dragon Restaurant & Bar, which had a packed house. Much of the crowd was in their 30s and 40s. 

“Every show we play, there’s a few songs that make adults cry,” Kaiser said. “And it’s really cool to have that effect on people.”

The band started by playing out at acreages, people’s garages, or at town events. 

“It’s good we actually have a place to go every week now,” said band manager Chase Foerster. “Whereas before it was stuff like house parties, really anywhere they could be heard.”

He added that it helps that all three members of the band grew up in Beaumont, so receive support from their friends.

“One of the things I like about Twin Dragon the most is the sense of community we get,” he said. “Everyone knows you and they can actually understand where your music is coming from ... we have more of a connection with the people we play to.”

And as much as they enjoy playing to the crowd they grew up with, the band wants to take their show to Whyte Avenue and Edmonton so they can create some revenue. 

As it stands, most of their shows are free, but they’re hoping to see that change. This Friday, Twin Dragon will charge $5 at their door for an evening featuring A Gentleman’s Pact, another Beaumont band and two Edmonton bands.

“That way we’ll see if people will still come out to support this with the cover charge,” Kaiser said. 

He’s hoping there will be a large turn out. The band has slowly seen some momentum build up in Beaumont and realize there’s a market here for live music that isn’t being filled.

Kaiser said the first time he performed, there were about eight people, which slowly grew to about 20-30.

Most recently he estimates about 80 people came out for the show and the band would like to see that number grow.

“The whole time after I finished my set, we were swarmed by people asking us about the band,” Kaiser said. 

“We realized this could really be something. People are really enjoying this.”

Source: Beaumont News


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