'The hole in my heart will never be filled,' says mother of young woman killed

Johnny deOliveira, 21, and Beckie Dyer, 19, were killed when the Toyota driven by Andelina Hecimovic skidded, flipped over and slammed into their Suzuki.

The sentencing hearing for a woman found guilty of dangerous driving relating to a 2010 collision that killed a young couple began in B.C. Supreme Court in New Westminster Thursday.

In January, Andelina Hecimovic was found guilty of two counts of dangerous driving causing death.

Johnny De Oliveira, 21, and his 19-year-old girlfriend Beckie Dyer were killed in a 2010 collision, when the roof of their Suzuki Swift was ripped off by an out-of-control car that flipped over the median on Lougheed Highway near Harris Road in Pitt Meadows.

De Oliveria had just picked up Dyer after a Justin Bieber concert, and they were driving home.

Hecimovic, a nurse, was 23 at the time and a new driver. She was speeding in a right-turn-only lane through a red light before she lost control of her car and crossed the median. 

'Lifetime of hurt and pain'

During the hearing, the court heard victim impact statements from the couple's parents and family. 

Beckie's mother, Debbie Dyer, said losing her only child was like being sentenced to "a lifetime of hurt and pain.

"Beckie was my shining star, the love of my life, my purpose. The hole in my heart will never be filled," she said. 

Dyer also spoke of the many awards and scholarships that Beckie received. And she described the pain of never being able to see her daughter graduate from college or marry. 

"There is a hole in my heart and empty space in our home,"  said the impact statement from Johnny's father, John De Oliveira.

Crown seek jail time

Hecimovic gave a tearful apology to the family of the victims and asked for forgiveness

"I sincerely believe I should've died and I'm so sorry I couldn't take their place," she said. 


Andelina Hecimovic in Nov. 2016 outside the New Westminster courthouse during her second trial on dangerous driving causing death.

Crown counsel Andrew Blunt asked for 18 to 20 months jail time as well as a three-year driving prohibition. 

Hecimovic is a first-time offender, has no prior criminal history and is unlikely to re-offend, said the crown.

Hecimovic's lawyer, Dimitri Kontou, described his client as a hardworking person, who is filled with remorse and guilt.

Kontou asked for a suspended sentence and probation, or, failing that, an intermittent jail sentence.

Dyer, Beckie's mother, said she hopes Hecimovic receives jail time.

Dyer said she wants to see an appropriate sentence that would deter Hecimovic and others from dangerous driving.

Hecimovic will be sentenced June 20.

Source: CBC News


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