EDITOR’S NOTE: On Friday evening, Sheri Arsenault said Johnathan Pratt had been denied parole.

Johnathan Pratt, man who killed three young men near Beaumont in 2011, is applying for parole.

Pratt was sentenced to eight years behind bars in 2014 for killing Bradley Arsenault, Thaddeus Lake and Kole Novak.

He’s seeking both day and full parole.

Bradley’s mother Sheri Arsenault will be at the hearing. She said she’s written a letter asking to be able to see Pratt’s reaction to the decision.

“Typically, in parole hearings, you sit behind the offender, so when you read your statement you’re staring at his ears,” Arsenault said.

“We’re just hoping that we see some kind of emotion in him whether it’s good or bad.”

Arsenault said if she sees the right kind of emotion, it would help with the healing process. But she hasn’t heard back about if she will be able to.

Arsenault said she wants to see him show some kind of acknowledgement of guilt.

“I hope to actually come out knowing that he actually does have some kind of remorse and takes full responsibility. But pleading not guilty, then appealing both sentence and conviction, it demonstrated absolutely no remorse. And it’s just heartbreaking.”

She also said “this one’s for Bradley.”

“We’re going to try our best to be his voice,” Arsenault said. “It’s not unlike other parents attending something for their child.

“We’re here for Bradley, not really for the hearing. We’re here for him.”

Pratt has served 32 months in jail, of his 96-month sentence.

He was sentenced in Wetaskiwin in 2014, after being found guilty earlier of manslaughter and impaired driving causing death.

Pratt was doing almost 200 km/h when he hit the car carrying the three young men.

He had a blood alcohol level two-and-a-half times the legal limit.

Source: Global News


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