Five local McDonald’s locations in Leduc, Nisku, and Beaumont are giving back to the Thaddeus Lake Music Foundation and the Boys and Girls Club of Leduc this McHappy Day on Wednesday, May 3. 

From midnight to midnight, the locations will be donating $1 from every Happy Meal, Big Mac, and coffee sale to the local organizations and to the Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton, said McDonald’s owner John Underhill. 

“I think it's important that people realize the impact that impaired driving can have on people,” Underhill said. 

“While we're not going to solve that issue through McHappy day, it's an opportunity to give back to a charity that was started because of a tragic event.” 

“It makes you feel good to be able to help out a local charity like that.”

The single-day event is expected to bring in more than $20,000 to be split by the three charities, Underhill said. 

The restaurants will also be selling items in store up until the end of McHappy Day, of which all of the proceeds will be collected and donated on top of the money raised by the event. 

The Thaddeus Lake Music Foundation chair Karen Lake has been expanding over the last five years, giving free music lessons, funding for recording, admission to competitions, and loaning equipment to economically disadvantaged kids aged seven to 22.

 The foundation operates in Leduc, Beaumont, Devon, New Sarepta, and Millet among other locations in Leduc County. 

As it grows, it will continue to support smaller communities in the region. 

The foundation was founded by Thaddeus Lake three weeks before he, along with Bradley Arsenault and Kole Novak were killed by a drunk driver outside of Beaumont. It was Thad’s dream to support youth experience the same joy from music that he had the opportunity to growing up. 

“There's only such a small window where kids have that opportunity to have music in their lives, and sometimes that's missed, and we're glad to be there to be able to do that. That's exactly what my son had as a dream — he was very adamant that he wanted to do this as a charity, so we're just forwarding his dream,” Lake said. 

“We use the orchestrating hands, because we feel that he's orchestrating this whole thing, so we're pretty excited. It's just a way of helping us heal as a family and to move it forward in the community.”

Lake said support for the foundation has been overwhelming over the last five years, with many local businesses donating time, money, and other services to help them achieve their dreams and carry on Thad’s vision. 

“Every time these things happen, I just kind of talk to Thad and say 'look what you're doing, look what we're doing after you're not physically here anymore. You're able to orchestrate these amazing things that are happening, and we're able to carry them out for you,' Lake said.  

“It's an honour and blessing as a family to be able to do that, and to have something tangible to do with those emotions that are so raw and so, after you lose a child, something to do with our emotions and move it forward — it’s just very heartwarming.” 

For more information about the event, or to apply for the Thaddeus Lake Music Foundation services, contact Karen Lake at, or call 780-986-0656. 

More information about the organization and upcoming events can be found one the foundation’s Facebook page:

Source: Beaumont News


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