The Kelowna municipal police and RCMP were recognized on Wednesday for their contributions to making Kelowna's roads safer by cracking down on impaired drivers.

Alexa's Team started in 2008 and is dedicated to removing impaired drivers from the B.C. roadways.

Since 2008, Alexa's Team members have processed almost 80,000 impaired driving sanctions for alcohol and drug-related offences.

What started out as a 26-member team has now grown to include 2,154 members from across B.C.

Last year there were 14 members on Kelowna and West Kelowna's Alexa's Team.

Constable Troy Bevan was especially recognized with the All-Star award for his Kelowna Municipal Traffic Services.

In order to achieve All-Star status, members have to have taken at least 34 criminally impaired drivers off the road in 2016.

The All-Stars from Alexa's Team are the top impaired driving investigators in B.C.

"How many of our loved ones travelling on B.C’s roads everyday got home safely because one of the Alexa’s Team members stopped that impaired driver before that crash happened," said Dale Sommerville, inspector and RCMP for South East District Traffic Services.

"It is really immeasurable and, on behalf of the South East District, I am so proud of the work they do. What more important task is there for a police officer than to save someone's life and prevent a tragedy,” he stated.

In total, the Kelowna Alexa's Team removed 441 impaired drivers from the road in 2016.

There ceremony took place at Quigley Elementary School in Kelowna.

Source: Kelowna Now


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