Thank you to everyone who has signed the Families for Justice Petition.

Alberta has collected over 1000 signatures and we have over 12,000 so together we are over 13,000 signatures.

Each signature represents Canadian Citizens who believe that there needs to be minimum mandatory sentencing.

Each signature is a voice saying that the laws need to change.

Each signature is standing up for someone who has had their life taken away by an impaired driver.

Please, please don't forget about these people who have lost their lives and have been taken away from their families.

All of these people were someone's family members and they mattered and were special to their families.

All of our families will be sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner with one special person missing at the table.

Then we will do it all again in 2 months at Christmas time, once again there will be an empty chair at the dinner table.

Mother's will shed tears that their children are not there, other loved ones will feel the pain of missing that special person who can never be replaced.

Father's will wipe away a tear and hope that no one saw them wiping their eyes.

Please say a prayer for all of these families to help them make it through another day without their children or loved ones.

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