Abbotsford Police have released a graphic video to mark Canada Road Safety Week, that shows a drunk driver mowing down six young people in a marked crosswalk.

The video, captured on a gas station security camera, shows a group of youth legally crossing at an intersection, when a speeding car barrels through the intersection, striking the group and hitting a pickup truck head on.

“Planning for a safe ride home,” says text on the screen, “or just waiting for the other shoe to drop?”

One of the pedestrians’ shoes can be seen flying into the foreground of the shot, dozens of feet from where they were hit.

Constable Ian MacDonald acknowledges the video is graphic but says it’s increasingly difficult to get people to focus on road safety.

“We thought that this video might get a conversation going and certainly will focus people’s attention on safe driving and specifically the issue of impaired driving,” he says.

“And in my experience, road safety is one of those topics that you can’t always get people to focus on or be engaged in.  And sometimes you have to create a catalyst to start that conversation.”

Miraculously, MacDonald says only one person was hospitalized in the crash and has now recovered.

“What we have shown through this video is it could have easily have been nine fatals as a result of this crash. And if not for I guess some good luck and good fortune, this could have been a video that may have been shown at a Coroner’s inquest rather than as a road safety promotion video.”

While police and the Crown recommended jail time, the drunk driver was handed a driving prohibition and given a one year’s probation.

Source: i880 news


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