May 19 marks a tragic anniversary for Sage Morin, on this day four years ago, her young son Geo Mounsef was killed.

Morin and her family was having dinner on the patio of a south Edmonton restaurant that evening, when an SUV crashed through the glass barrier, killing 2-year-old Geo.

Four years later, Morin and her family gathered at a southeast Edmonton cemetery for a small remembrance ceremony, before she embarked on a cross-country journey.

 “This is definitely a big difference between how I’ve spent previous May 19ths,” Morin said.

“May 19 will always have that pain to it, but today is different because we’re embarking on a journey of hope.”

Morin hopes to convince the federal Justice Minister, Jody Wilson-Raybould, to change the law, and to make providing a breath sample mandatory in cases of injury or death.

“Refusing to blow should not be an option,” Morin said.

Richard Suter was behind the wheel of the vehicle that smashed into the patio that day refused a breathalyzer – the catalyst behind Morin’s journey.

“If you’re sober, prove it,” Morin said. “We’re not trying to pin things that nobody has done, we’re just asking for the scientific evidence that’s needed by the courts to be available.”

Suter was originally sentenced to four months in jail, but the Crown appealed that decision and his sentence was increased to 26 months. His lawyer has appealed that decision to the Supreme Court of Canada and that case will be heard on October 11.

Morin will drive across the country, stopping in 15 cities, where she hopes to collect and hand-deliver 1,000 letters in support of the change to the minister.

A meeting has not been scheduled yet, but Morin hopes to get the minister’s attention as she travels cross-country.

“I’ve sent her a letter already, and I’m hoping as we build momentum, as we get across the country, that she will agree to sit down with us,” Morin said.

The letter can be found on the Justice for Geo Facebook page.

Morin said she expects to arrive in Ottawa June 10.

Source: CTV News


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