Beckie Dyer, 19, and Johnny De Oliveira, 21, killed in 2010 collision in Pitt Meadows

Andelina Hecimovic has been sentenced to 90 days in jail for dangerous driving causing death in a 2010 crash that killed two people. 

Johnny De Oliveira, 21, and his 19-year-old girlfriend, Beckie Dyer, were driving home after a Justin Bieber concert.

An out-of-control car flipped over the median on the Lougheed Highway near Harris Road in Pitt Meadows and ripped the roof off the young couple's vehicle. Both were killed.

At the sentencing Tuesday, family and friends of the victims packed the courthouse, leaving no empty seats. 

Audrey De Oliveira and Debbie Dyer share photos of their children, Johnny De Oliveira and Beckie Dyer, who were killed in a 2010 crash.

During the trial, the court heard Hecimovic, who was a 23-year-old new driver at the time, was speeding in a right-turn-only lane through a red light before she lost control of her car. The young nurse told the court she had been crying after a difficult shift at Eagle Ridge hospital. 

'It's wrong' 

The judge ruled Hecimovic's jail sentence will be served intermittently.

Audrey de Oliveira, Johnny's mother, said she's disappointed with the ruling, because Hecimovic will only spend part of the week in jail — Tuesdays to Thursdays — until the whole sentence is served. 

"She can still live, she can still have a life. She can still work. She can do whatever she wants and she only gets a little bit here and little bit there," said de Oliveira outside New Westminster Supreme Court. "It's wrong." 

Hecimovic has also been sentenced to two years probation and 120 hours of community service. She faces a three year driving ban. 

Debbie Dyer shares her memorial tattoo for her daughter Beckie, and Johnny De Oliveira. The young couple was killed on their way home from a concert in October 2010.

'Exceptional' offender

When Hecimovic was convicted earlier this year, Crown lawyers asked for 18 to 20 months jail time. But in delivering his reasons for the 90 day jail sentence, the judge called Hecimovic an "exceptional offender."  

"There was no intentional or subjective aspect to her driving. It was one of those situations where she wasn't paying the attention that was required of any driver," said Dimitri Kontou, Hecimovic's lawyer. "That lessens the moral culpability." 

The victims' mothers called that unacceptable.

"There was no justice served here today," said Beckie's mother, Debbie Dyer. "Not for us. Not for the kids, and not for the general public."

Hecimovic begins her sentence next week.

Source: CBC News


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