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Thank you to everyone who stopped by our Families For Justice Booth at the West Coast Women's show at the Tradex in Abbottsford. We are very proud to say we have collected 3113 more signatures on the Petition over the last 3 days. With the signatures from Alberta that will put us over 16,000 names of Canadian Citizens who believe that the needs to be mandatory minimum Sentencing for anyone convicted of impaired driving causing a death. We are also asking the Government of Canada to change the Criminal Code of Canada to redefine the offense of impaired driving causing a death to vehicular manslaughter.

In speaking to thousands of people I am amazed at how many have been affected by an impaired driver. Almost every third person I spoke with today has lost a loved one, they were hit by a drunk driver or they know of someone who has been killed by a drunk driver. So many people affected and we still have law makers who for years still let this happen to families.

Everyone we spoke with says changes are needed in our Justice System. I got so tired of people saying "Our legal system in Canada is a joke". We all are so privileged to live in Canada but our legal system seems to let down the average hard working citizen and let other 's that choose to break our laws get away with very little consequences. I listened to story after story of people telling me that the accused who killed their family member got away with little to no sentence.

I wonder what the law makers are teaching our children? Our legal system is teaching them that it is ok to do a crime because they will serve very little time to no time. As a parent I taught my children that there were always consequences in life for their actions so they had to think about what they were doing and make the right decisions in life and do the right things that would never hurt anyone. Our law makers are teaching them that there is no accountability for your actions. You can break the laws and next to nothing will happen to you.

Can you imagine if we were a society where we held people actually accountable for their actions? Where we had deterrents in place in the legal system which didn't let people just walk away after taking another person's life? Where if there was stiffer punishments, it would make people think twice about wanting to take the chance of breaking the law?

I spoke with a woman today who told me she knows of a gentleman who has had 100 impaired driving charges over the course of several years, and who has never done one day in jail. Another woman told me how she had been hit by an impaired driver, and that this was his third impaired driving offense and his fourth time driving on a suspended license. Do the Judges not realize that if you keep letting these people get away with the crime they will continue to keep doing it?

I ask everyone to email your Federal MP's and let them know that the laws need to get tougher, and as a Canadian Citizen you pay your taxes to live in a safe community. In BC since 2010 there have been almost 30,000 immediate roadside prohibitions for impaired driving, and 15, 000 24 hour suspensions. In Canada in 2011, 1074 people were killed by a drunk driver, and over 63,000 were injured. The cost to Canadian taxpayers was $84.4 Billion dollars. Yes, that is Billion dollars not million dollars!!!

If you are reading this post, please contact your Federal MP and tell them that they need to toughen up the laws in sentencing and stop letting people get away with crimes against society. We so appreciate all those who we spoke with this past weekend, supporting and encouraging us in our mission! We have already experienced our own tragic loss..., our mission is to keep everyone else out there safe so that they won't have to go through what we have. What can hurt one person, hurts a community!

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