When Japnoor Kharbanda first heard about the perils of impaired driving during a MADD Canada presentation in junior high school, she never thought the cause would be something that affected her own family.

Yet Kharbanda’s father, Amritpal, was killed by an impaired driver on May 2, 2015.

“That day we heard something that no family wants to hear,” Kharbanda told a crowd of first responders, city officials and MADD Calgary representatives on Thursday. "I will never be the same."

She shared her story at the launch of MADD Calgary’s 17th Project Red Ribbon awareness campaign in Calgary. The national campaign has been running for 30 years.

According to MADD Canada, impaired driving is the number one cause of criminal death in Canada, killing an average of 1,460 people every year.

With legalized recreational cannabis on the horizon, one of the campaign’s key messages this year is that any type of impairment – alcohol, drugs, and even extreme fatigue – is reason not to get behind the wheel.

Kharbanda said the loss has inspired her to dedicate her life to preventing similar tragedies.

“I’m hoping to join MADD once I’m old enough and promote this concept of not drinking and driving – so many more lives can be saved,” she said.

Millions of red ribbons are distributed every year and serve as a visual reminder to drivers everywhere that impaired driving can have deadly consequences.

The ribbon is also meant to be a tribute to the people and their families that are directly impacted by impaired driving.

The red ribbons will be fixed to all Calgary 911, fire, Alberta RCMP, Alberta Sheriff Highway Patrol, and Calgary Police Service (CPS) vehicles in Calgary and many other jurisdictions across Canada.

The Calgary Tower will be lit red in support of Project Red Ribbon, which launched on Nov. 2 and runs until January 8, 2018.

Source: Metro News



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