To everyone reading this post;

My name is Markita Kaulius and I am writing to you today with a request for your assistance. On May 3, 2011 our beautiful 22 year old daughter Kassandra was on her way home from a softball game, when she was struck and killed by am impaired driver in Surrey.

My husband Victor and I started an advocacy group called Families for Justice, to raise awareness of the lax laws, and support other grieving families who have also lost a loved one to an impaired driver. One year later we now have families across Canada, who have become a part of our group, as we support each other thru our journeys of grief over losing our child or loved one.

We originated a Petition requesting the Federal Government to implement stronger sentences, for anyone convicted of impaired driving causing the death of an innocent person. Currently we have seen very light sentences of 6 months house arrest or $2000.00 fines, to less than 2 years in jail for taking a life. To date, we have collected over 16,000 signatures from Canadian citizens who believe the current sentencing laws need to be tougher, for impaired driving causing a death.

In 2011 there were 1074 people killed by impaired drivers, and over 63,000 people injured in Canada. The cost to Canadian Taxpayers in 2011 related to drinking and driving was $84.4 Billion dollars.

I am writing to ask for your assistance on a media event that I am planning for November 24, 2012 in Surrey.   I am trying to collect 1074 pairs of shoes, to line up on the Surrey Provincial Courthouse steps. Each pair of shoes will represent a life taken by an impaired driver across Canada in 2011. We will start to set up the shoes at 9:00 am and ask the Media to come for 1:00 pm. I believe this very powerful visual will remind the public and send a strong message to  the law makers who issue the light sentences. We hope that they will see the how serious this crime really is and we hope to deter people from making the choice to drink and then  drive.

We ask everyone to make the arrangements on how you are going to get home before you take the first drink. We have lost too many people in Canada who have had their opportunity to contribute their talents in the world. Each pair of shoes represents a loss of a life ~ which should still exist, as every one of these deaths was preventable.

We are wanting to bring awareness as the holiday season draws closer  and  there will be Christmas parties and get social get-together’s.   We would like to remind people about making the right choices regarding drinking and driving as everyone deserves the right to get home safely to their family and loved ones.

Therefore, I am writing to ask if you would kindly support Families For Justice in this venture, by making a donation of any amount of shoes to our event, which we would then donate afterwards to a shelter or other charity group. We are also asking friends and family to make donations as it is such a large amount of shoes needed. We just ask that the shoes be in somewhat decent shape as they will be given to different Charity’s.

I do realize that this request is unique, but any donation of shoes you could possibly assist us with would be very much appreciated. 

 I can be reached by email at

If you are reading this post and you have lost a loved on yourself or you  have been injured by an impaired driver please contact me and let me know if  you would be interested in attending  this event.

You can check our Families For Justice group on Face book.  Look for our logo with the family standing in front of a red Canadian maple leaf.

I thank you for taking the time to consider our request.

Yours sincerely,

Markita Kaulius (Mrs.)


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