Minister responsible for Saskatchewan Government Insurance Joe Hargrave is presented with a MADD Canada Citizen of Distinction Award from Board of Directors Chair Brenda Johnson (left) and National President Patricia Hynes-Coates (right).

In honour of his strong leadership and dedication to reducing impaired in Saskatchewan, The Honourable Joe Hargrave, Minister responsible for Saskatchewan Government Insurance, is the recipient of MADD Canada’s Citizen of Distinction Award.

The Citizen of Distinction Award is presented to individuals, groups or organizations that have made a major provincial/territorial or national contribution to the anti-impaired driving movement in Canada, leaving a lasting legacy in the areas of research, prevention and education, legal issues or victim issues.

“Minister Hargrave’s vision and leadership have paved the way for strong, effective impaired driving laws which are saving lives and making the province’s roads safer,” said MADD Canada Chief Executive Officer Andrew Murie. “For that, for his strong commitment to educating the public about the seriousness of impaired driving, and for his compassion and support towards victims of impaired driving, we are proud to present him with the MADD Canada Citizen of Distinction Award.” 

Minister Hargrave, who is also the Minister of Crown Investments Corporation and the MLA for Prince Albert Carlton, received the award on September 28 in front of some 200 delegates at MADD Canada’s National Leadership Conference in Toronto.

"I am honoured to accept this award on behalf of the Government of Saskatchewan and SGI," said Minister responsible for SGI Joe Hargrave. "Our work is not complete, but Saskatchewan has made important and necessary strides when it comes to impaired driving, in part thanks to enhanced legislation by government strong enforcement and powerful awareness campaigns. I also have to acknowledge the families of impaired driving victims who have been a crucial part of sharing the message about the devastating impact of impaired driving, as well as the tireless efforts of MADD Canada.”

In the last few years, Minister Hargrave has led the charge to significantly strengthen the province’s impaired driving laws, including the introduction of vehicle impoundments for drivers in the warn range (.04% - .08% BAC), zero alcohol and drug requirements for young drivers, and stronger ignition interlock requirements.

The new laws are having a significant impact. Figures released in 2017 show that Saskatchewan’s deaths from alcohol-related collisions were down 40% compared the previous year.

In addition to legislative change, Minister Hargrave has emphasized the need for public awareness and education about the risks of impaired driving. Under his leadership, Saskatchewan Government Insurance has created several powerful and effective public campaigns, including People Shouldn’t Disappear and Be a Good Wingman

Minister Hargrave has also been incredibly supportive of victims of impaired driving, partnering with MADD Canada to introduce a roadside memorial program which saw two sets of roadside memorial signs honouring victims of impaired driving erected on the province’s highways in 2017. The signs honour victims of impaired driving and serve as a powerful reminder to motorists about the real and tragic consequences of impaired driving. 

Source: Global News


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