Memorial to look a little different than memorials erected in other provinces

A memorial dedicated to the victims of drunk driving is in its final stages, according to a major proponent in bringing it about.

Allan Kerpan, who's daughter Danille was killed by a drunk driver in 2014, said the memorial in

"Just on Friday, we went up to a meeting in Saskatoon and we kind of finalized the preliminary design for the memorial," Kerpan told CBC News. "It looks like we're going to be going ahead and we are hopeful we will have completion by mid-May of next spring."

Kerpan said completion of the memorial would mostly rely on the weather. He said city staff are developing the memorial, who now have to work on the final details like dimensions, costs and complete the work.
He said some of the memorial's construction will take place indoors, but outdoor work still needs to be done as well.

Last year, Kerpan and a group of other families who've been affected by drunk driving accidents had approached the city about the possibility of having the memorial in Kiwanas Memorial Park.

The city recommended moving the memorial to a location on the northern side of City Hall.

Kerpan said he was happy with the final location for the memorial.

"They gave us a perfect location," Kerpan said. "It's well treed there, there's green grass, it's quiet, I guess as you can get for a downtown city. It's going to have some lights on it, I think it's just going to look gorgeous when it's finished."

Design differs from traditional memorials

The memorial being erected in Saskatoon won't be like others placed in cities across Canada.

Kerpan said many cities choose to place these kinds of memorials in cemeteries and they often resemble large headstones.

"Ours will be completely and totally different," Kerpan said, adding the memorial will be circular in its design.

"It'll be built around the semi-circular design that we think is going to be pretty warm and embracing for victims of drunk drivers who come to visit it," Kerpan said.

Source: CBC News



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