Pictured left to right are some of the Delta police officers recognized with Alexa’s Team awards this year; Const. Grayson Smith, Sgt. Sukh Sidhu, Const. Jeremy Pearce, Const. Harprit Hair, Const. Gordy Gill, A/Insp. Ryan Hall and Chief Neil Dubord.

Officers from across the Lower Mainland including Delta police, were recognized last week for their efforts in keeping drinking and driving offenders off our streets.

Alexa’s Team was formed in 2008, the year that four-year-old Alexa Middelaer was killed by a drunk driver in Delta. Alexa’s Team is an anti-impaired driving program that recognizes police officers throughout B.C. who are committed to reducing the number of drivers on the road affected by alcohol or drugs.

Speaking to the importance of the family, friends and community that one leans on for support during a devastating time, Laurel Middelaer, Alexa’s mother, thanked each and every officer who has assisted in removing an impaired driver from B.C.’s roads, and presented each officer with the 2018 Alexa Team Award.

DPD constables Manny Nijjar, Harpit Hair, Gordy Gill, and Chad Bristow received awards for their commitment to the anti-impaired driving program, while constables Taylor Armstrong, Grayson Smith and Jeremy Pearce were appointed to the all-star list, meaning that they each had at least 25 impaired driving files in 2018.

Following the awards ceremony, Smith relayed a story to the Optimist about how making a bad choice impacts people.

In a file from North Delta, a driver ran a red light, plowing into a family in a car with a grandmother, mother and small child. Investigators found the driver days later.

“What had happened was that the registered owner of the car was out with friends, but realized he was too drunk to drive, so wisely chose not to,” said Smith. “His friends however took his car and decided to go for fast food. Being drunk, the driver missed his turn, so opted to speed 140 km/hr through a red light to get to the fast food restaurant.

“Fortunately the child was not injured in this case, but the mom received soft tissue damage and the grandmother suffered broken bones.”

The outcome could have much worse, he pointed out.

“The Alexa Team awards are always inspiring for our officers,” added Chief Neil Dubord. “There is a special connection between the Middelaers and the DPD. I’m proud that our officers continue to be committed to Alexa’s memory, and to making our roads safer.”

Source: Delta Optimist


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