I would like to thank everyone for coming today as we all “Remember Someone Special”. We stand here today as families and friends who have lost a very special someone in our lives because another person make the choice to drink and drive while impaired. That decision they made, cost us the lives of our family members.

 Drinking and driving has resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent lives across Canada each and every year.

Today we remember the 1074 innocent lives killed in Canada in 2011 by an impaired driver and the 63,000 people who were injured. Every one of these pairs of shoes you see laying here before you represents a daughter, a son, a brother, a sister, a uncle, a aunt, a husband, a wife, a grandparent, a cousin, a best friend, a  co-worker , a grandchild, someone’s loved one  lost to an impaired driver.

Every one of these pairs of shoes represents someone who had the right to their life and who should still be alive and be here today.

Every one of those deaths was preventable.

We are the direct victims of these preventable crimes, (& preventable being key), the impact extends far beyond us to include; first responders, police, firefighters, paramedics and even tow truck drivers. This also impacts trauma room doctors, nurses and the media that deliver the news of these preventable crimes and to people living in Communities where these crimes have happened.

Every one of these pairs of shoes represents the loss of someone who was pursuing their hopes and dreams, someone who should have had their future, and someone who can never ever be replaced.

 We have been impacted directly by the loss, but Canada has also suffered the loss of these contributing citizens.

In Canada 4 people per day are killed by an impaired driver and 190 people per day are injured. The cost to taxpayers in Canada in 2011 was $84.4 billion dollars in related expenses. Those include medical expenses, Police costs, Fire costs, disabilities, estimates for loss of life, lost future earnings, work days lost, court costs, property damage and insurance costs.  Drinking and driving causing a death is a very serious crime in Canada.

I encourage everyone if you see someone out driving that looks like they are driving while being impaired please call 911 and report them. You may be saving their life or someone else’s loved one down the road.

In BC there have been 38,413 Immediate Roadside Prohibitions give out in the last 2 years to people who were deemed to be driving while impaired putting the public at risk.

We are here today to ask the public to please “Think Before You Drink”.  As the Holiday season approaches there will be Christmas parties and social get-togethers. Please have a plan in place before you take that first drink.

We urge you to call a friend, call a cab, have a designated driver, or call Operation Red Nose. Check in your local Community what options are available to you to get home safely.

Please remember these empty shoes as you gather together with family and friends over the holiday season. Impaired Driving affects an entire Community.

Everyone deserves the right to get home safely to family and friends.


Families For Justice

Markita & Victor Kaulius



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