Dec 28, 2012 - SENTENCING DATE SET FOR WARREN (Kassandra Kaulius' case)



Warren drove while drunk; crashed into Kaulius’ car

The drunk driver responsible for the death of a young softball player in Surrey last year has apologized in court at day two of her sentencing hearing.

The judge has reserved his decision until December 28, meaning Natasha Warren is not yet in custody, and will get to spend Christmas with her family.

The defence is trying to paint Warren, the woman who drove drunk causing a deadly wreck in Surrey last year, in a positive light. It’s been another tough day for the family of Kassandra Kaulius, the young softball player who died in the crash.

The defence has brought forward several witnesses who say Warren wants to take responsibility and is an overall good person. Her lawyer argues she feels intense remorse for choosing to drive while drunk in May of last year and crashing into 22-year-old Kaulius’ BMW at more than 100 km/hr before trying to leave the scene.

Warren pleaded guilty in July on three counts: dangerous driving causing death, failing to stay at the scene, and driving with a blood alcohol level higher than 0.08.

Kassandra’s mother, Markita, had to excuse herself at one point during the testimony. Warren offered her apology, but never actually looked at Markita.

“I think it’s a lot of words, trying to let the judge know what she wants to do. Whether I believe them of not, I guess time will tell.”

Tearful victim impact statements were heard yesterday.

Crown is asking for a 3.5-year jail term; the defence is asking for just over two years. A decision is likely to come down later this month.

Source: News 1130 Vancouver


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