Dec 28, 2012 - DRUNK DRIVER SENTENCED TO 3 YEARS FOR FATAL CRASH (Kassandra Kaulius's case)

A Surrey, B.C., woman who pleaded guilty to killing another woman in a drinking and driving crash has been sentenced to three years and one month in jail.

At a sentencing hearing Friday morning, a judge also handed Natasha Warren an eight-year driving ban.

Warren pleaded guilty to drunk driving in the death of Kassandra Kaulius, 22, in May 2011. The charges were dangerous driving causing death, failing to stay at the scene and driving with a blood alcohol level higher than 0.08.

Kaulius's mother Markita says the sentence isn't enough.

"She received 37 months, but in reality she'll be eligible for parole in one-third of that time," Markita Kaulius told CBC News.

"We've been fighting for minimum mandatory sentencing of five years ... if someone is convicted of impaired driving causing death. We know that even at five years they won't do that amount of time."

The Crown had asked for a three-and-a-half-year prison term, while the defence asked for two years behind bars and a five-year driving ban.

During the trial, the court heard Warren had consumed more than a bottle of wine before driving home the night of the crash.

Her car was travelling at 103 km/h when it collided with Kaulius's car.

The court heard she called her boyfriend, who told her to take the keys from the van and run from the scene so they could report the vehicle stolen.

Warren fled and was later found in the bushes by police with a blood alcohol level that was twice the legal limit for driving.

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Source: CBC News British Columbia


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