On February 7, 2010, Chad Mitchell Olsen made a choice, deciding to drive from Red Deer to his then home in Sylvan Lake drunk, nearly three times the legal limit.

His actions killed a husband and wife.

The family of Brad and Krista Howe are suffering. They came to court looking for justice, leaving disappointed at the sentence.

Our sentence is for life. Period. And it was dictated by Chad Olsen." says Sandra Green, Krista Howe's mother.

"It feels like a big insult. I mean two people. Two years, three months. There's just no balance. There's no justice. And it just speaks to me our system is completely imbalanced." Green said.

Court heard Olsen ran a red light in his truck and t-boned the Howe's small car.

It was determined he was travelling not less than 85km an hour in a 60km/h zone. Brad and Krista Howe were pronounced dead at the scene leaving behind five children.

Their aunt Karla, who moved from Vancouver, is taking care of them.

"I'm really frank with the kids." she said "They ask all the time and I jut give them really honest answers because they deserve that. I'll let them know that he's going to jail for two and a half years. And there's always a possibility he won't stay in jail for as long he's been told he has to go."

In victim impact statements, tears were shed as family and friends talked about how the loss will impact the children. Brad Howe's cousin vividly remembers telling them about what happened.

"It still angers me that we have lost two special people in our lives."

Olsen addressed the court crying as he apologized for his actions.

"I don't know if you will ever forgive me." he said "I know in my heart I will never forgive myself."

"I did not mean to hurt anyone."

This devastated family will move on the best they can.

They have no choice. Five kids will grow up with too many questions.

But their loved ones will be advocating for change. Sandra green believes that if Olsen is truly remorseful he will spend his life sharing his experience with others.

"He's not the one we have to worry about not doing it again." Green said. "What we have to worry about the ones who are going to read this and say, 'look two years and three months. He killed two people. He was three times over. He's got a prior driving record. Those are the people we need to reach, the ones who haven't yet killed anyone."

Source: Global News



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