Apr 27, 2011 - DRUNK DRIVER WHO ORPHANED FIVE GETS 27 MONTHS (Brad & Krista Howe's case)

The young man convicted of impaired driving, which left a married couple dead and five children orphaned, was handed a 27-month prison sentence — and the victims’ family left feeling justice was denied.

In a courtroom packed with supporters on both sides of the tragedy, Judge Thomas Schollie sent Chad Olsen, now 24, to jail for the crash that happened Feb. 7, 2010.
Intoxicated at about three times the legal limit, he ran a red light and slammed his pick-up into a car carrying Krista and Brad Howe. 

The couple with five children at home died at the scene.

Krista’s mother, Sandra Green, said the sentence is “an insult” which does nothing to deter others from making the same choice.

And the couple’s children, who are being raised by Krista’s sister, have to pay the highest price with their parents gone.

“These girls will only have memories and many of those will grow dimmer over the years,” she said referring to the couple’s youngest children.

“Where is the justice? They bare none of the responsibilty but bare the consequences.”
Crown Charlotte Oxford, pushing for a sentence to deter others from drinking and driving, sought 3 1/2 years while defence lawyer Roy Shellnutt said Olsen should be given a term of less than two years.

The judge, however, told court Olsen “made a decision to drive while impaired,” thus risking the lives of others before ordering him to serve a two-year-three month term and see a five-year driving ban.

He said Olsen’s youth, guilty plea, lack of criminal record and family support are mitigating factors.

Senseless tragedies spawned by drunk driving underscored more than a half dozen victim impact statements, with many delivering emotional testimony while sporting red ribbons.

Olsen, while his fiancé, parents, sisters and supporters looked on, cried while offering apologies for his actions.

“I did not mean to hurt anyone ... I feel terribly selfish for what I have done and my heart and mind are torn by my actions,” he told court.

Source: The Calgary Sun


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