Apr 27, 2011 - PAIN REMAINS FOR ORPHANED FAMILY (Brad & Krista Howe's case)

The children ask if they can phone mommy and daddy in heaven, wonder whether the couple have wings and plead for answers to why their parents will never come home.

Krista and Brad Howe’s friends and relatives suffer too, in the aftermath of a world ripped apart by the choice one man made early one winter morning last February.

Some struggle to sleep, others cry daily and several fear driving away from their own families, terrified they might never come back.

When Chad Olsen got behind the wheel, he may not have intended to hurt anyone.

But make no mistake his decision to drive, whether fuelled by soggy spirits or not, was not an accident.

It was a choice people make day in and day out.

Sandra Green — who lost her daughter Krista and son-in-law when slurring drunk Olsen ran a red light and slammed his truck into their car — says his 27-month prison term falls pathetically short of what he deserves.

“It’s not considered murder, which it is,” she said outside court.

“It’s not an accident, a fog you can’t see, black ice you don’t notice, blowing a tire, a semi with rubber flying at you, those are accidents, this is not an accident, this is a choice.

“Two people, two years-three-months, there’s no justice.”

In court, she saw the boyish-faced man who killed her loved ones choked up and wiped away tears as he apologized for his actions.

And while Green says she’s inclined to believe Olsen is truly remorseful, she will believe it if he gets on the anti-drinking and-driving bandwagon to see tougher consequences for people guilty of similar actions.

The days are toughest, perhaps, for Krista’s sister, Karla, who says her “life died with them,” the tragedy uprooting her life so she could raise the five children left behind.
“I have to convince myself life goes on. I had wonderful dreams for my future ... now I am an unemployed, single parent of five children aged five, eight, 10, 11 and 15,” said 35-year-old Karla. “They keep me going.”

Source: Calgary Sun


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