A tearful Councillor Ana Bailao has pleaded guilty to a drunk driving-related charge stemming from a roadside stop in October.

At the time, Ms. Bailao said she intended to plead not guilty to charges of impaired driving and blowing over the blood alcohol limit of 0.08%.

On Monday, the rookie Davenport councillor changed her plea to guilty on the blowing over, revealing for the first time she registered a blood alcohol level of 0.130. She said the other charge was dropped.

Ms. Bailao, who will not resign her seat as a result, is banned from driving for 12 months and fined $1,000.

“I made a bad choice, I take full responsibility for that and I accept the consequences,” Ms. Bailao, 36, said a press conference, crying a several points. “I do not and have never condoned drinking and driving and this situation has made me intimately aware of the dangers this behaviour can cause. For the hurt and offence I caused others, I again sincerely apologize. The only thing I ask is for people to learn from my example. The decisions you make in a single moment can have life altering consequences.”

Ms. Bailao said that after attending the Mayor’s Ball for the Arts at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on October 15, she went to the Thompson Hotel. She confirmed that lobbyists working for a casino were also at the Thompson that night, but insisted they never spoke about the issue.

At end of the night, she said she took a cab to where she had parked her car, and then drove home. Ms. Bailao forgot to turn on her lights and was stopped by police on Bathurst Street, near Harbord, in the early morning hours of Oct. 16.

“I can guarantee you this situation will never happen again,” she said. “Sometimes you feel in control and one drink is just too many and it just changes everything.”


Source: National Post Toronto


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