A 25-year-old man is facing numerous charges, including impaired driving, in connection with an early morning collision involving a police vehicle.


Around 2:40a.m. Friday, police say the alleged drunk driver hit a taxi cab in the area of 101st Street and 106th Avenue. After hitting the cab, police say the driver carried on driving east on 106th Avenue when he hit a police vehicle.

"He collided into a patrol vehicle transporting a suspected drunk driver from a separate incident to headquarters to be tested. That car was forced off the road by the impact of that," explained Constable Scott Deputat with the Edmonton Police Service traffic collisions investigation unit.

Police say the 25-year-old then continued down 106th Avenue to 96th Street and hit three parked cars on the side of the road along his way.

"The driver then attempted to leave the scene again in the vehicle, (but) the vehicle wouldn't move. He opened the door, jumped out and started to leave the scene and was apprehended a short distance from his vehicle," said Deputat. "He was apprehended by the officers that were struck."

"The impaired driver's blood alcohol concentration was almost three times the legal limit," added Acting Staff Sergeant Bill Krull. "That is a very high blood alcohol concentration."

The two police officers were treated for minor injuries.

Officers say impaired driving is a problem they deal with around the clock, all year long.

"It can happen at any time, anywhere, day and night, and it can happen to anyone. Nobody is immune to it," said Deputat.

Alberta's Justice Minister says drunk driving needs to be taken seriously, and would like to see harsher penalties for those who choose to drink and drive.

"I would like to see mandatory minimum sentences for impaired driving over 0.08 where it involves serious bodily harm or death," Jonathan Denis said Friday. "These are peoples' lives we're talking about and it can be easily solved by people simply planning ahead; take public transit, get a designated driver or get a cab."

Denis believes the message is beginning to get through to some drivers but, believes more can be done.

"We cannot take the foot off the gas when it comes to drunk driving penalties and education."

The driver involved in Friday's collision, 25-year-old Chad Scott Nelson, was taken into custody and has been charged with impaired driving, dangerous driving, four counts of criminal hit and run, and operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level over the legal limit. Deputat says more charges could be laid, depending on the outcome of the investigation.


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