Almost three months after Leduc lost one of its young and influential members, Thaddeus Lake’s legacy is being cemented in the community through a foundation he initiated weeks before his passing.

Lake, who was tragically killed along with 18-year-olds Kole Novak and Bradley Arsenault by an alleged drunk driver on Nov. 26, 2011, started a foundation to help local, young musicians struggling to participate in music because of financial barriers.

As an active member in the local music community, Lake’s love and dedication to the field will never be forgotten thanks to the Thaddeus Lake Music Foundation for Disadvantaged Children.

Anthony and Karen Lake, Thaddeus’ parents, vowed to make sure the dream Lake started is going to come to fruition.

“It is one of the best ways to honour Thaddeus and continue his love for music,” commented Anthony, Thaddeus’ father.

Lake’s drive for creating the foundation came after working as a member of the barn crew for the past three summers with the Mavericks, a Calgary based organization that works the annual Calgary Stampede. The Mavericks organization goal is to raise funds to actively support Calgary and area children-focused not-for-profit agencies and individual needs.

“He really enjoyed working with that organization during his summers,” reminisced Anthony.

Involved with music and performing for most of his life, Lake’s love and passion for both was pretty evident, said Anthony. Keeping the music local was also very important to Lake.

The funding from the foundation goes towards local youth, 22-years-old and younger who cannot afford to attend lessons, buy instruments, attend nationally accredited competitions or explore other musical avenues they couldn’t otherwise afford.

One slogan that Lake almost had tattooed on himself before he passed away is now being incorporated with what the foundation stands for.

“Thaddeus thought about getting the words ‘let the music speak for itself’ tattooed on his arm. He purchased dog tags with those words on them and contemplated getting a tattoo of that, but he never did,” explained Anthony.

“Those words have really become a byline for the foundation.”

Since its birth, the foundation has grown steadily over the past three months thanks to the outgoing and continuous support from members in the community, explained Anthony.

“It’s a huge family. The support and encouragement from everyone is just amazing.”

The Lakes, who moved to the Leduc area in 1989, weren’t initially planning to spend their entire lives in the area, but the reception the family received after the accident has been “phenomenal” and has given them a reason to remain in the area for many years.

“You want to retire in B.C., on the island or near the ocean, but after the accident there was just so much support from people in the community. The kindness we’ve received can’t be put into words,” lamented Anthony.

That flow of steady donations to the foundation has come from many different outlets.

Benefit concerts and events, individual donations in monetary form and donations of instruments are just a few of the ways members of the community have showed their support.

The most recent help came from the Leduc Chamber of Commerce Awards of Distinction Gala, where a portion of the proceeds raised from a raffle were donated towards the foundation.

As more and more monetary and musical instrument donations funnel into the foundation, the dream of witnessing an applicant take advantage of what the foundation offers is close.

“We’re very excited about the potential of the foundation. We know Thad would be tickled pink to see where it’s at right now,” said Anthony.

The foundation is still in its infancy stage and its board members are continually working on receiving applications and working with other various local music groups to set up and see where the donations will eventually end up.

“We want to respond to the needs of the community and create a greater degree of formulation for the foundation as possible,” said Anthony.

Instruments, financial and other forms of donations related to supporting local youth involved with music are being welcome and can be donated by contacting Anthony at alake@me.com

For more information on the foundation visit its Facebook page at http://on.fb.me/zRyjeM.

Source: The Leduc Rep

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