“Be The Change You Want To See In The World”

Hello Everyone;

We had a meeting with Federal MP's from the BC/Yukon Conservative caucus yesterday. We presented our Petition to the Government officials and spoke about the need for tougher sentencing in the cases of impaired driving causing death.

We also asked that the Federal Government of Canada look at making changes to the Criminal Code of Canada and amend the charge of impaired driving causing a death and redefine the charge as vehicular manslaughter.

There was agreement that the laws need to be changed and that those that commit these crimes should be held accountable.

 I asked all of these officials to put themselves in our shoes as families who have lost a loved one. I ask that they try to imagine what it would be like to have their child go out one afternoon and never come home again. Then imagine that the person who murdered their child would only serve 6 to 8 months of a 3 year sentence.

As Canadian Citizens we have lost faith in our Justice System When we go to court we feel victimized all over again because of the lax sentences being give out and the lack of accountability.

All of them thanked us for speaking up and for doing what we have been doing. I gave every one of them a package of information to review and asked them to sit down over this weekend and educate themselves on impaired driving and the shocking stats.

Many were surprised at the number of impaired drivers given the Immediate Roadside Prohibition in BC over the last 2 years. The police have given out 49,253 roadside prohibitions to people who had been deemed impaired while driving on our roads and highways. It is appalling that so many choose to put the public at risk.

We pray that the Government of Canada will listen to the thousands of people who have signed the Petition asking for changes in the laws as everyone deserves the right to get home to their family and friends at the end of each day without the worry of being struck by an impaired driver.



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