The preliminary inquiry for Johnathan Pratt, the man charged in connection with the alleged drunk driving incident that killed 18-year-olds Bradley Arsenault, Kole Novak and 22-year-old Thaddeus Lake, is set for Jan. 21-24, 2013 —more than a year after the actual incident occurred.

Pratt is facing three counts of impaired operation causing death, three counts of over driving while over the legal blood alcohol limit of 0.08 mg causing death and three counts of manslaughter.

He was released on bail in late February, 2012.

A preliminary inquiry is to determine if the Crown prosecutor has enough evidence to justify a trial.

The purpose for the defense is to explore the case and know exactly what evidence is against the client. It is almost identical to a trial, in that witnesses are brought in, examined and cross-examined under oath.

The difference between a trial and a preliminary inquiry is the defense doesn’t present anything.


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