Brielle's law... It's a bill to dramatically change how the state punishes those caught drinking and driving.

It's being named after Brielle Deutscher, the infant killed in the crash on I-94 in July.

This DUI bill has the backing of Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem.

It increases the fines drastically, includes mandatory jail time for even a first offense, and requires offenders to be on the 24/7 program-- a twice daily sobriety test.

The Deutscher family of Bismarck lost their granddaughter, son and his wife in that July crash.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation is using the Deutscher's story to help spread the word on drinking and driving.

A PSA along with testimony from the Deutscher's was used today to drive home the message.

PSA: "The North Dakota Highway Patrol says Alcohol was a factor in a crash that killed 4 people."

"The last thing I said to them was I love you and drive carefully," says Tom Deutscher.

PSA: "The only one that pulled into our driveway that night was a Highway Patrolman and Chaplin. Instead of celebrating a family reunion, we were planning a family funeral."

"It's been said that when a parent loses a child, a little bit of them dies with them. I can tell you for a fact that is true. I have spent the last 8 months trying to hold together what remains of my family because of a senseless and preventable act."

PSA: "They met at 75 plus miles per hour each. Everybody was instantly killed."

"Some say our laws are already tough enough and our jails are already full. I would argue, they aren't strong enough and our cemeteries are full. This bill, 1302, is both aggressive and progressive. And in my opinion, long overdue,"

PSA: "My message is, just don't do it. Don't do it."

Source: KX News


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