Apr 13, 2013 - FAMILIES FOR JUSTICE UPDATE - Submitted by Cheryl Kantor on behalf of the THOMAS family - Cochrane, AB

We sent over 600 Petition signatures for Families for Justice to the Honourable Blake Richards, MP of the Wild Rose Constituency this week. We want to thank Mr. Richards for his commitment and courage to present the proposed amendments to the Legislative Assembly.

Thank you Kim Thomas for contacting Mr. Richards and gaining the support of another MP to help with an extremely important cause! We also want to thank the countless people who signed the petition and the ones who are still collecting signatures of support; we are not finished yet!

Among those people from the Cochrane area who signed the petition were Brandon Thomas's family, his many wonderful friends, co-workers, teachers, first responders, countless acquaintances whose lives were touched in some way by Brandon, and many others who felt Brandon's loss greatly, even if they did not know him personally.

Thank you all for honoring Brandon's memory by trying to make changes to issues that could affect all of us.

Please be aware that Brandon's friends and family are planning an event for early summer called "Cruze for Junior". We will post more information soon. This is in honor of a trip Brandon wanted to make to B.C. this summer, but will now be made by his family and friends. He will be there in spirit


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