Apr 30, 2010 - COPS WANT TO HEAR FROM KILLER CAR OCCUPANTS (Jeremie LeBlanc case)

While his sister gave birth, 16-year-old Jeremie Leblanc was killed in a car wreck.

Now cops and the boy's friends are demanding a fleeing driver and carload of passengers step forward.

"It wasn't at all Jeremie's fault. Yet he and his family paid the price," said Andrew Stich, 17, a friend of the crash victim.

Leblanc was turning his Oldsmobile left across 66 Street onto 31 Avenue at 11:30 p.m. April 23. He was but a few blocks away from the Grey Nuns hospital, where friends say his sister was about to give birth.

As Leblanc turned, a Lexus and a Mercedes were side-by-side northbound on 66 Street, said Sgt. Gary Lamont of the Edmonton police traffic section.

The Lexus tried swerving eastward, hit Leblanc's Oldsmobile and sent it careening over the curb some 60 metres through a nearby church sign. The Mercedes and its allegedly intoxicated driver also hit LeBlanc.

The damage to the Oldsmobile was "horrific," said Lamont. Its passenger side crushed, there was a mere 16 inches of space left around LeBlanc.

The driver of the Lexus, along with two or three passengers, fled the scene, leaving Leblanc for dead.

His funeral was held Friday in Sherwood Park.

More than a dozen friends visited the scene after the funeral to add to a roadside memorial - a traffic sign post covered in flowers.

Friend Rory Fedoriuk said people were still in shock during the funeral Thursday.

"There were a lot of tears," he said.

Police said they know the company which owns the Lexus and will determine the vehicle's speed at the time of the collision through a crash reconstruction analysis.

"Obviously they had felt they did something wrong," said Lamont, citing the fact the occupants of the vehicle ran.

Source: The Edmonton Sun


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