New road signs are encouraging people to report suspected impaired drivers on highways

Prince Edward Island roadways will soon be adorned by new signs, encouraging motorists to report suspected drunk drivers. It's the latest initiative to curb high drinking and driving rates on the Island.

The new large, black and yellow reflective signs are being placed in eight high traffic areas.

“These signs are more visible,” said Transportation Minister Robert Vessey. “They stick out more, they’re more eye catching.”

The province has the highest impaired driving rate in Atlantic Canada, and it’s nearly double the national average.

The signs are one of the initiatives drawn up at a recent impaired driving summit in February, where transportation officials, law enforcement and addictions services promised to tackle the problem.

The police say reports from other drivers can make a big difference on the roads.

“When we get these calls, we have motorists who are actually following the impaired driver,” said RCMP Sgt. Andrew Blackadar.

“So we're getting live updates - real time updates - and it allows us to hone in on the driver very quickly. And for the most part, when the public works with us, and they call us, we can apprehend any impaired driver very quickly."

Source: CBC News PEI


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