We are pleased to announce that we have a special meeting coming up with Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson.

I would like to thank those of you who sent us a letter regarding your experience. We plan to present them on your behalf directly to Mr. Rob Nicholson, the Justice Minister of Canada.

Myself and another mother Sheri Arsenault from Beaumont Alberta will be meeting with the Justice Minister and Federal Minister Mr. Mark Warawa on Monday afternoon in Vancouver. 

I have spent more than 100 hours in writing what I wanted to say in the fight for tougher sentencing and all of the research of collecting stats and other figures and stories. I now have over 20 letters from many of you that wanted to send a message to the Justice Minister as well.

These stories have been heart breaking so please know that when we sit down to speak with Mr. Nicholson we will be speaking on behalf of all of you. You may not be in the room but you stories and the losses that you have had to live with will be told in the meeting room.

I have placed all of these letters in a booklet and I am going to look Mr. Nicholson in the eye and ask him to promise me that he will read each and every one of the letters as the people who have written these letters are still paying the price of being a victim to the crime of impaired driving causing a death. And we will continue to for the rest of our lives, as we will continue to have to live without our sons, daughters and other loved ones.

Please keep us in your prayers and we ask all of our Angels to be by our side on this date. (We already know that they will be there as they have been guiding us already for the past 2 years). 

Take care my friends, you all will be in my thoughts and prayers as well.

Submitted by Markita Kaulius


Minister of Justice Rob Nicholson




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