Hello Everyone;

Well it is with heavy heart that I let you all know that the meeting that Sheri Arsenault and I were to have today with the Justice Minister Mr. Rob Nicholson got cancelled due to the Conservative Government Cabinet shuffle today.

Sheri flew in last night from Edmonton and we were all set for our meeting this afternoon at 4:30 pm. I received an email from Federal MP Mark Warawa's office at 6:25 am wishing us good luck with our meeting this afternoon. 

At 7:59 am I get another email telling me due to the Cabinet shuffle in Ottawa our schedule has been cancelled. I can't even begin to tell you of the sinking feeling that I got.

When you are served lemons you learn to make lemonade. So that our day wasn't wasted Sheri Arsenault and I went to work contacting the Media and advising them of our disappointment. I spoke with CBC radio, CKNW radio. My husband Vic and I did the Roy Green Radio show and Sheri did an interview  with the Edmonton Global News and 630 Ched radio and the Edmonton Sun Newspaper. It has been a great media week for Families For Justice in keeping our fight out there.

Sheri and I joked that the Government must have been afraid of a couple of Mothers on a mission so they decided they needed to reshuffle the cabinet. Anyway thank you to everyone for sending your letters I placed your letter in a binder alongside a picture of your loved one. I will still accept your letter if you didn't get a chance to do one up and you would still like to send one. 

The new Minister of Justice is Mr. Peter McKay the former Defence Minister. We will wait to hear if they will reschedule a meeting with us. I will keep you informed.

Take Care,

Markita Kaulius


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