A campaigner for tougher sentence for drunk drivers will be getting some face-time with the new Justice Minister today, but it's still not as much time she was promised.

Sheri Arsenault of "Families for Justice" was originally scheduled for a one-on-one meeting with former Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, until he was replaced with Peter McKay in the recent cabinet shuffle.

Instead, Arsenault will be part of a round table discussion in Edmonton today with McKay and others, but says she has been promised ten minutes alone afterwards.

"What I can do in ten minutes is explain "Families for Justice", explain our petition, inform Mr. McKay of how many signatures we've got and all the hard work we've done," Arsenault says.

"But I can't even get close to all the stats," she says.

Arsenault says "Families for Justice" has found four Canadians are killed by drunk-drivers every day.

But Arsenault says BC and Alberta have the lowest penalties for drunk-driving fatality offences, and that's having an effect on how little those crimes are taken seriously by the general public.

"It's like 'it's our right to drink and drive in these provinces,'" Arsenault says.

"But unless it happens to them, they think people go to jail for a long time," she says.

"They just don't know unless they're in the justice system."

Arsenault says she'll keep pushing for her original hour-long meeting to discuss tougher penalties for lethal drunk driving offences.

Arsenault's son, Bradley, was killed, along with two friends, by an alleged drunk driver in 2011.

Source: iNews 880 AM


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