On November 26, 2011 the Town of Beaumont, Alberta lost three young lives to an alleged drunk driver. Kole Novak and Bradley Arsenault from Beaumont and their friend Thaddeus Lake from Leduc were hit by an alleged impaired driver on their way home. The accused has been charged with 3 counts of manslaughter, 3 counts of driving with a blood alcohol content over .08 and 3 counts of driving impaired causing death. The families and friends of these young men have been in court 5 times already and the preliminary hearing is set for January of 2013 – over a year after the fatal accident.

We are in the process of compiling Victim Impact Statements. We need to compile one on behalf of the Community of Beaumont. I am collecting statements from anyone who wishes to share how this tragedy has impacted their lives. You are allowed to share how this has affected you physically, mentally and the effect the crime has had on your life. You are not allowed to share what you think of the accused, what his sentence should be and what you think of our justice system.
We have discovered since going to court that the accused has many rights under our justice system but the three young men have no rights since they passed away.  We are struggling to understand how drinking and driving and killing someone is treated so differently than if they had been shot or stabbed by the accused. We have joined with MADD and SADD to fight for changes to our laws.
WE NEED YOUR HELP. Anyone could have been on that highway that night - it could have been your loved one. We only ask that if you see the injustice in this or you were affected personally by it, that you please share your statement so we can include it in the Victim Impact Statement from the Community of Beaumont.
You can email Dawn Smith at for more information or to submit your statement. If the accused is found guilty, this statement will be used in conjunction with the families Victim Impact Statements at the time of sentencing. The more statements we have will help force the judge to consider how long the sentence should be for killing 3 people. We are over 11,000 people in Beaumont now and it would be great to present a Victim Impact Statement that is compiled from over 1000 statements or more. That is my goal. The young men were innocent victims in this crime and deserve for us to stand up for them and fight for what is right. Please, please help us if you can!
Dawn Smith

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