At least five people in the province were charged with drunk driving over the weekend — including two incidents that happened well before happy hour.

One driver hit a pole in Mount Pearl around 9 a.m. The other was stopped midday outside Port aux Basques. Police say his blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit.

Both men were charged with impaired driving.

Christine Care of Mothers Against Drunk Driving says she’s learned that impaired drivers are a constant road hazard.

“Drinking and driving happens 24 hours a day, sadly, and quite often in the morning,” Care told CBC News.

“I know people sometimes are surprised by that, but often when someone is picked up impaired, it's early morning.”

It's not necessarily because people are drinking for breakfast — sometimes they're still drunk from the night before.

“Quite often these people think that by getting a couple of hours sleep it's going to wear off, but it's not that simple,” Care said.

A drunk driver took her mother's life two decades ago.

“I'm still shocked in spite of all our efforts and the awareness out there that people are still drinking and driving,” Care said.

“It’s a sad reality that the cost to all of us is immense.”

Source: CBC News Newfoundland & Labrador


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