Aug 23, 2013 - ALEXA'S BUS

BCAA Road Safety Foundation is a partner of Alexa’s Team.  Alexa Middelaer was only 4 ½ years old when she was tragically killed in BC in May of 2008.  She and her aunt were on the side of the road feeding a horse that Alexa loved when a car driven by an impaired hit Alexa and her aunt, killing Alexa instantly and injuring her aunt.

After her tragic death, Alexa’s parents Laurel & Michael Middelaer developed the “Alexa Middelaer Memorial Fund”.  The mandate of this fund is to reduce impaired driving related injuries and deaths by 35% between 2008 and 2003 via public education, advocacy and by recognizing the efforts of those individuals who make extraordinary contribution to the fight against impaired driving.  Soon “Alexa’s Team” was devised.  It consists of police officers that must have taken at least 12 criminally impaired drivers off the road through a Criminal Charge Investigation or the Immediate Roadside Prohibition administrative process.  Currently there are in excess of 355 members on this team.  BCAA Road Safety Foundation and ICBC (Insurance Corporation of BC) are part of this team. 

The Middelaers have (through donations) been able to purchase a mobile impaired driving unit for use by police forces across BC to help in the fight against impaired driving by being able to pull over and process suspected impaired drivers quickly and efficiently.

BCAA Road Safety Foundation has assigned Traction Creative to create a mosaic of victim pictures on the exterior of  Alexa’s bus.  As well Traction Creative have been tasked with producing a video of some poignant words of their loved ones to be playing while processing a suspected impaired driver inside the bus.

MADD Canada has been asked to assist with this project.  We believe it will be effective in increasing awareness around the impact of impaired driving in your community and throughout your province of British Columbia.

If you or a loved one of yours has been injured or killed in as a result of impaired driving in the Province of British Columbia, you may be eligible to participate in this project. 

If this is something you would like to participate in, please see the following breakdown of what is needed to create the mosaic (external) and the on board video.

  1. Ideally, candid family “snapshots” that not only have a clearly visible face but also come context about the person’s life, personality, occupation, hobbies or any other “real life” information, versus “studio portraits”.  The primary goal of the creative concept is to get a sense of who these people “really were” so the team can identify with them easier as human beings.
  2. The first name and relationship of a surviving family member, friend, etc.  We want to create an identifiable, personal relationship with another human being (eg, “Trudy lost a daughter”. “Mary lost a husband”.  John lost a friend”.)
  3. Any snippets of biographical information about the person’s life such as occupation, personality, hobbies, personality quirks, etc.  In addition to being part of a “family”, the creative concept also aims to identify the deceased as members of “society”, and how they added to our greater community simply by their presence and lives.  This can be formal or occupational (eg. “We lost a firefighter”. “We lost a teacher”) or it can be informal and based on the personality (eg, “We lost a princess.” “We lost a comedian.” “We lost a wrestling fan”.)
  4. Home video footage, with the same requirements as above.  The on-board video concept does not require, but does allow for, the use of home video instead of photographs should family members feel that a piece of video does the best job of letting us “get to know” your loved one.


If you would like to share your photo/video/words for this project, please contact me at or by phone at 1-800-665-6233 #222 by Friday, August 23rd, 2013.  Digital (.jpg) files would be best.

Best Regards,

Gloria Appleby
Victim Services Manager
MADD Canada
2010 Winston Park Dr. Suite 500
Oakville, ON  L6H 5R7
1-800-665-6233 #222
Fax: 905-829-8860

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