What often comes as an after-shock to the convicted drunk driver is the astronomical cost of their huge mistake.  The penalties associated with DWI have steady increased as society sends the message that DWI is a crime, not an accident.

First, on top of the financial costs, is the inconvenience of lost driving privileges. If you rely on your car to get to work, that problem can complicate your job situation. If the drunk driver has children or family members that depend on their ability to drive, they will be affected as well. Then you have to deal with your insurance company, which will undoubtedly raise your premiums or may even cancel your policy. All of these expenses the drunk driver even sets foot in a courtroom.

The legal fees for attorneys will set you back. This expense is one that most can’t afford to avoid if they want to minimize the penalties and permit them to restore their driving privileges as soon as possible. A hefty fine will certainly be coupled with any penalty that would include probation and even jail time.

Further loss of income can be factored in by the fact that certain jobs in transportation will no longer be available to those convicted of DWI. So the short and long term financial effects can be devastating to the drunk driver. With such stiff penalties to someone’s wallet or pocketbook, there should be more effort to publicize them as a deterrent effect to further discourage people from making such a destructive choice.

You can view a breakdown of the factors resulting in becoming impaired, the financial penalties associated with drunk driving, the adverse effect on one’s ability to find employment, the different levels of impairment for Blood Alcohol Content(BAC)  and helpful tips on how you can keep your friends from getting DWIs.

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Source: R.I.D. USA


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