Eight charitable organizations from across Canada will receive a portion of $75,000 in grants to promote and enhance their teen driver safety initiatives.

State Farm continues to bring awareness to a staggering statistic; car crashes are the number one cause of death among teens in Canada. With the introduction of its Celebrate My Drive program in 2012, State Farm is working to emphasize the positives of safe driving.

Celebrate My Drive is pleased to announce that Ontario Community Council on Impaired Driving, the Traffic Injury Research Foundation, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Foundation, Teens Against Drinking and Driving New Brunswick-Saint John and St. Michael's Hospital Foundation will all receive $10,000. The Canada Safety Council and Toronto Police Service will receive $5,000. Students Against Drunk Driving of Alberta (SADD) - Calgary will be receiving $15,000.

“Getting your license for the first time is exciting but there are some real risks that young Canadians need to be aware of,” says Zac Stevenson, Community Relations Specialist with State Farm. “State Farm is committed to keeping teen drivers safe and our partnerships with these organizations will help teens enjoy their time on the road safely.”

“SADD Alberta is extremely grateful to be a recipient of State Farm’s Teen Driver Safety Initiatives grant,” says Arthur Lee, Community Liaison SADD Alberta. “This will assist us in continuing to educate high school students about the dangers of drinking and driving and work with community partners to eliminate impaired driving among young drivers in Alberta.”

Celebrate My Drive

Celebrate My Drive is a community celebration of safe driving habits. It emphasizes the positives of safe choices behind the wheel as teens celebrate the freedom that comes with the rite of passage of getting a driver’s licence.

“It is critical that safe driving skills are first learned in the teen years,” says Carole Deavey, Manager, National Projects, Canada Safety Council. “The Canada Council is pleased to support safe teen driving by taking part in the Celebrate My Drive, powered by State Farm campaign, because we believe in giving teens the start they deserve and focusing on safety for the road ahead.”

Teens who commit to safe driving could have the chance to bring Grammy Award winner Kelly Clarkson to their hometown for a free concert this coming school year. As part of the company's Celebrate My Drive program, State Farm is teaming up with Clarkson and offering teens across the U.S. and Canada the opportunity to learn more about safe driving, win grant money for their school and be one of two schools to win a free concert by Kelly.

High schools who register at by Sept. 30, 2013, will also be eligible for a $100,000 grant. A total of $3.25-million in grants will be awarded to 100 winning high schools, which will be determined by the schools generating the most online safe driving commitments.

“Arrive Alive DRIVE SOBER is pleased to be partnering on the State Farm initiative Celebrate My Drive to educate new, young drivers,” says Anne Leonard, Executive Director, arrive alive DRIVE SOBER. “The funding made available to enhance the quality and reach of our iDRIVE: Road Stories video program has helped us reach thousands of students and engage them in the issue.”



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