It’s a sad reality that has been faced more in Saskatchewan than any other province across Canada.

The number of drunk-driving related deaths in our province is higher than any other at 9.76 deaths per 100,000 and recently the Traffic Safety Committee has submitted a report that omitted one potentially life saving measure.

The committee noted that short-term vehicle impoundment should have been included and eventually implemented in Saskatchewan.

After Alberta and British Columbia each implemented a three-day vehicle impoundment when a first time driver is caught with a .05 blood alcohol concentration, the number of alcohol- involved traffic deaths dropped by half in each of those provinces.

Andrew Murie the CEO of MADD Canada said in the report that in BC alone they have seen a 50% decrease in deaths the last two years. He added that type of reduction was not only unprecedented in Canada but all around the world.

“It’s our neighbours, our friends and our kids out there on the highways. The evidence says short-term impoundment saves lives,” Opposition NDP MLA Danielle Chartier said in a press release.

Here in Melfort the problem is just as prevalent and Debby Morrison, head of Students Against Drunk Driving at the Melfort Unit and Comprehensive collegiate was unhappy with the result.

“It’s very disappointing,” she said. “If people would have had a chance to vote on something like that, I’m sure you would have seen that policy pass.”

In the end the Committee decided to leave short term vehicle impoundment off their final recommendations and Morrison believes a deterrent needs to be found.

“There are just so many needless deaths here,” she said.

Source: Melfort Journal


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