Everyone knows that drunk driving is not only a bad choice, but that it can be a dangerous one.

Kia is working with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to engage with teenagers to discourage drunk driving by initiating the “I Pledge” campaign. The “I Pledge” campaign takes place across Canada and visits schools to educate students about the dangers of impaired driving.

This was not the first time MADD and Kia teamed up together. In the past, they came up with a memorial tattoo advertisement which stated, “The consequences stay with you forever. If you drink, don’t drive.”

Now, Kia and MADD are taking their campaign to the next level by visiting young students in person to teach them about the consequences of drunk driving.

Kia is playing its part by donating its vehicles to sponsor the 2011-2012 School Assembly Program. The cars will be used by MADD representatives to promote safe and sober driving at schools across the country.

Each vehicle is customized with Kia and MADD logos and provides space for people to sign their names to pledge their support.

Source:  KIA’s Official Corporate Blog 27 Dec 2011




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