A Brampton man with an "outrageous" record, including four previous impaired driving convictions was jailed for two years in Guelph Ontario Court of Justice Friday for a fifth drunk driving conviction and related charges in an incident last April south of Guelph.

"This calls out for a penitentiary term," Justice Norman Douglas told Gonzalo Alvarez, 35, before giving him credit for pretrial custody.

In addition to drunk driving, Douglas convicted Alvarez of failing to stop at an accident, dangerous driving, breach of probation and two counts of driving while disqualified. The sentences on these were three months in jail, to be served concurrently.

Credit for pretrial custody reduced the overall sentence to 16 months in jail.

But he banned the man from driving for the rest of his life.

"He is never to get behind the wheel again — sober or drunk," Douglas continued.

Douglas also ordered the man to serve two years of probation after his release from custody and to provide a DNA sample for a national offender database.

Court heard Alvarez on April 1 was involved in a collision on Highway 403 in Halton Region, then drove erratically along Highway 401 to near Highway 6 in the damaged vehicle before coming to a halt on a Guelph area country road.

Douglas said Alvarez's track record was "outrageous." He noted in two previous drunk driving convictions, Alvarez had been allowed to serve two jail terms intermittently so he could keep his employment. But Douglas added those intermittent sentences hadn't made a strong impression on the man's need to turn his life around.

"He has never gotten the message yet. This man has got a reckless personality," Douglas said in explaining the new jail term that doesn't allow periodic release so he could keep working.

"He is incorrigible with regard to drinking and driving."

Despite the man's history, Douglas said Alvarez isn't a lost cause.

"There is a glimmer of hope here," he said, pointing to the man's good work record and supportive family. His pre-sentence report, Douglas added, was generally positive.

Source: Brampton Guardian


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