Sep 12, 2012 - WOMAN ON TRIAL FOR PITT COUPLE'S DEATH [Beckie & Johnny]

Beckie Dyer and Johnny De Oliveira died in a car crash in October 2010 coming from a Justin Bieber concert


Listening once more to the agonizing details of the crash that killed their children is going to be torturous for Audrey De Oliveira and Debbie Dyer.

"It's reliving it over and over and over again, but I relive it every day. Some days are worse than others - obviously

this is one of the worst days," Dyer said Monday outside B.C. Supreme Court in New Westminster, where the trial began for Andelina Kristina Hecimovic.

Hecimovic, 26, is charged with two counts of dangerous driving causing death in connection with the Oct. 19, 2010, incident. Johnny De Oliveira, 21, picked up his girlfriend, 19-year-old Beckie Dyer, and her friend in Vancouver after the Justin Bieber concert and dropped the friend off in Maple Ridge before heading home to Pitt Meadows.

As Johnny and Beckie drove down Lougheed Highway shortly before midnight, a Toyota Paseo skidded sideways.

It went over the top of the concrete median into the westbound lanes, flipped and smashed into the roof of the Suzuki Swift that Johnny was driving.

Police said the couple were killed on impact.

The driver of the Toyota, Hecimovic, suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. Witnesses reported that the Toyota Paseo was being driven aggressively.

It is alleged that Hecimovic was speeding and tried to pass other vehicles in a designated right-turn lane before she lost control and crashed just east of Harris Road. Charges were laid in May 2011.

Although difficult to sit through, De Oliveira hopes the trial will help her begin living her life again.

"I want closure. I want it over so I can move on," she said.

Dyer knows their lives won't ever be the same, but hopes their story will remind people to slow down and pay attention when they're on the road. She also wants politicians in Ottawa to institute stiffer penalties for drivingrelated fatalities.

"It needs to stop because nobody else needs to go through this hell - every day it's hell," Dyer said.

"Hug your kids close - keep 'em close. Hug them, tell them that you love them every day because you never know what's going to happen."

Beckie Dyer was a past recipient of the Lynn Papp Award, given out on Pitt Meadows Day to a youth who "participates in community based activities and projects, giving freely of their personal time and energies, without expectation of personal reward or recognition," according to the nomination papers.

Source: Maple Ridge Times


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