Nicolette Tessier prepares to kick the ball at a Sept. 21 soccer game to remember Bradley Arsenault, who died on Nov. 26, 2011 in a collision allegedly caused by an impaired driver. In the background, his former friends and teammates Riley Peck and Brendan Stepaniuk look on, as well as Bradley’s mother Sheri Arsenault

Dozens of Beaumont residents came out to Four Seasons Park on Sept. 22 to remember Bradley Arsenault at the first Annual Soccer Game in Honour of Bradley.

Bradley was killed by an alleged drunk driver on Nov. 26, 2011, along with his two friends Kole Novak and Thaddeus Lake.

But the event was a positive one, meant to celebrate Bradley’s life through a sport that he loved. 

“The whole event showed his love for soccer, his zest for competitiveness,” said Bradley’s mother Sheri Arsenault. “We were all playing to win, and Brad was like that. He played to win.” 

The event couldn’t have taken place without significant community support. Tim Horton’s donated the coffee, M&M Meat Shops donated hamburgers, Sobey’s and No Frills donated supplies and the town donated the field.

“The community continues to support us in an unbelievably large way,” Arsenault said. “There are not enough words to express how much that is appreciated and means to me and my family.”

Soccer players of all ages participated in the event, with plenty of Bradley’s former school mates, coaches, relatives and friends in attendance.

“We knew the people that would come would be the people who were most important to be there,” said Bradley’s sister Aimee. “It was just awesome to have them there.”

Volunteer Diane Cabush acknowledged that putting together the event was stressful at times, but attributed the family’s hard work and dedication for making it a success. “From Bradley’s former coaches, to former classmates, everyone chipped in,” she said. “It was just a great community event.” 

Aimee described the event as entirely positive and uplifting, remembering Bradley for his life rather than the tragic event that led to his death. 

The two teams playing, Hips and Knees, Tragically, and the Anchormen, were tributes to Bradley’s favourite band and movie, respectively. 

The event also brought back some bittersweet memories for Arsenault. 

“He was a fan of the tragically hip ... he had actually been to that concert with me when I was pregnant, in 1992,” she recalled.

“It was the only concert I never got frisked at because I was seven month’s pregnant.” The family hopes the soccer game to remember Bradley will become an annual event.

Source: Beaumont News

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