Police, MADD both upset with increase in drunk-driving deaths

Calgary Police believe alcohol was a factor in a collision near the intersection of 17th Avenue and 37th Street SW Wednesday night that killed three people.

Staff Sgt. Paul Wozney said a green Dodge Neon car was heading east around 8 p.m. when it veered over the double yellow lines, hitting a black Jeep Grand Cherokee head on. The Neon then smashed into a concrete wall next to the C-Train tracks.

Calgary Duty Staff Sgt. Paul Wozney says witnesses saw the Neon speeding before it veered head-on into the Jeep. (CBC)

Two people in the Neon, a 32-year-old woman and 37-year-old man, were found dead inside, while the driver and a passenger were taken to hospital with serious injuries. The 35-year-old male passenger died later in hospital. The dead were a common-law couple and the woman's brother.

Police believe all four had been drinking.

The 47-year-old male driver was in critical condition on Thursday and will face charges.

Jeep occupants expected to be OK

"The four occupants of the Jeep — all female — were treated on scene for various injuries, but are expected to pull through without any issues," Wozney told media at the scene. The youngest of the Jeep occupants is 47 years old, and the oldest 85.

Wozney said that according to witnesses, the Neon was speeding at the time. Officers were treating the crash area as a crime scene.

Wozney said the Jeep appeared to be going under or at the speed limit.

"Obviously, we are treating this very seriously because it is a triple fatality and there's a lot of different pieces of the puzzle we're trying to put together right now."

Calgary Police say there have been 33 fatal collisions — 18 involving alcohol — in the city this year. Thirty-six people have been killed.

Sgt. Colin Foster said he's concerned and frustrated with the drinking-driving deaths. There were 15 fatal alcohol-related collisions all of last year.

"My officers generally are the ones going to reconstruct these crashes and investigate these collisions and to be honest this year I am fed up to the back teeth having to go to another fatality involving alcohol," he said.

Denise Dubyk, a past national president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada, said she's also fed up.

"I have to say I'm angry," she said. "I really am, to see these numbers rising ... I just don't understand why people are not listening to our message."

Source: CBC News Calgary


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