Drinking and driving is a serious problem in British Columbia, Canada and ICBC is interested in making the roads safer for everyone. ICBC previously released detailed information about the penalties for people who are caught drinking and driving. The new penalties are severe and have saved many lives by immediately reducing the amount of drunk drivers on the roads.

Drinking and driving has claimed the lives of many innocent people in the past. Far too many people have been either injured or killed by drunk drivers. All of the incidents could have been prevented by better planning and increased law enforcement upon the public roads. The problem of drinking and driving exists with personal, commercial and recreational vehicles. It is a serious problem that is not likely to go away anytime soon.

The best approach to avoid drinking and driving is to plan ahead before going out. Many people forget to plan ahead and then after having some alcoholic drinks on a night out then make the wrong choice and attempt to drive their vehicle home. There are many options on a night out for planning ahead such as taking a taxi or using a designated driver. Every community has local police on the roads checking drivers to see if they are intoxicated. Whistler resort has many checkstops and arrests each week for intoxicated driving.

To view more information about the drinking and driving penalty information released by ICBC, use the link below.

Remember to always plan ahead if you are driving.


Source: The Whistler News


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