I am asking everyone who would like to come on Dec 6, to remember Brandon on his 1st  year angelversary.

The tree in our front yard is done in blue lights, I am asking that everyone bring a special Christmas ornament to hang on the tree for him.
I would like everyone to come around 8 p.m. We will do wishing lanterns in the front yard and candles. Coffee will be in the house and garage for everyone.

I would like to thank MD Landscaping for coming on Saturday and finishing Brandon’s tree and donating their equipment, time and staff. I would like to thank Big Sky who offered to pay the bill, I would like to thank Randi and Luc who offered to come and help.

I would like to thank Pats Palate Pleasers for offering to donate the coffee and hot chocolate, to Erin and Christy who have lent us a couple portable firepits.

Everyone has been so supportive for Brandons Angelversary, this will be a hard evening but to everyone who has made it as bearable as it can be thank you. And to everyone who will come and share in this hard evening....thank you it means so very much to us and I know if Brandon were here he would be saying thank you too.

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~Kim & Kayla Thomas






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