Mothers against Drunk Driving kicked off their red ribbon campaign over the weekend, just as the holiday season starts ramping up. 

The message is clear: if you've had a drink, don't get behind the wheel. The risks, and possible consequences, just aren't worth it. It isn't just your life you are taking into your hands, its the lives of everyone on the road.

It's a cruel twist of fate that the drunk driver is more likely to survive than those in the car they hit. No matter what the driver is charged with, no matter what the sentence, they will have to live with having killed somebody because of a bad decision.

It isn't just the people in the vehicles that are affected however. There are friends, families and the namesake for MADD, mothers.

One of the most powerful messages MADD gives is the ones told by the mothers of those killed by drunk drivers. There are few dry eyes in any room when a mother tells the story of losing their child.

The message is working. The reported rate of impaired drivers has gone down significantly since the 1980's, though it has flat lined in recent years.

On average, four people are killed and 125 injured every day because of impaired driving in Canada. The holidays are the prime time for this of course, because of the parities and good cheer to be spread. It's when those events wrap up though that bad decisions are made.

It would be ideal if when we got the number cases of driving under the influence to zero, we would no longer need organizations such as MADD. That's not the way things work however. It needs to be a constant message. That's where these organizations step in.

You may never drink and drive, and feel the information is not important to you. However having those reminders may be what keeps you from getting behind the wheel in any intoxicated state. And the more people we keep off the road, the safer our streets will be.

Source: Nova News Now


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